Sunday, January 26, 2014

Proof Fantasy Sports Players are Dedicated (Or Crazy)

There are over 35 million fantasy sports players in the US and Canada.  Fantasy sports is a multi-billion dollar business with no signs of decreasing popularity.  Every major sports league actively supports and/or sponsors their own fantasy sports games.

However, some fantasy sports players are truly in a league by themselves.  One particular fantasy league was featured on NBC's Tonight Show.  The person who ends up in last place actually has to get a tattoo (a permanent one) of a design chosen by the person who wins the league.

Check out these Tonight Show clips and see for yourself! (Clips courtesy and credit to

Part 1

Part 2

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Analyst Reports Modest I-Gaming Revenue for USA

Contrary to some of the larger estimates of I-Gaming revenue in the US, an analyst has put forward some more modest numbers.  The story reported here, states that internet gaming will only generate $1.9 billion in revenue by 2020, not the $7 to $12 billion in revenue estimated by others.  You can click the hyperlink above to find out who was estimating the higher numbers.

This lower estimate by Eilers Research makes some points that I personally agree with, which helps buttress the more modest projections.  The main assumption for the lower estimates is the assumption that if the states do authorize online gaming, it will be poker only.  Now, it is almost a certainty that the first online gaming activity authorized would be poker, with other casino games being added later.  But I agree with the analyst that poker might only be the ONLY online gambling activity authorized.

If that indeed is what happens, all is not lost.  Poker would be authorized online, and operators can add casino games in a social gaming/subscription mode.  Social casino game play in the US can be a generator of revenue - see the activities of all the major slot vendors, particularly IGT's DoubleDown Casino on Facebook.

One assumption that is made by Eilers Research that I am not in total agreement with is that I-Gaming will not cannibalize the land-based casinos.  I will agree if only poker is authorized and other casino gaming will be of the social gaming kind.  Of course, online poker to an extent will cannibalize land-based card rooms.  If full-blown casino gaming is allowed by a state, that will cannibalize some of the casino business.