Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Atlantic City "Bust" For Revel Casino

You know your property isn't that attractive when you can't attract buyers at fire sale prices. That's what happened last week when Atlantic City's Revel Casino didn't attract any qualified bidders at its bankruptcy auction.  Bad bad news.  According to Caesars Entertainment's CEO, not attracting a bidder, "suggests that even at a de minimis price, people are finding it hard to imaging they can make money operating the Revel." That about sums it up for the Revel and likely for a good portion of the current crop of Atlantic City casinos.  As stated in previous posts, here and here, Atlantic City is in big trouble.

As a result, the Revel is scheduled to shut its doors on September 10th.  Stories on this topic can be found here and here.  RIP Revel, it was nice to know you...


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