Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Jersey's Split Personality With Regard To Legalizing New Gambling

New reports an AP story regarding the results of a recent poll that shows conflicting desire for various new legalized gambling options within the state.  What it shows is that residents desire to add sports betting to the gambling options of the state, but that they like their gambling at brick and mortar facilities.  The recent poll showed that 58% opposed the establishment of online gambling, with just 31% supporting (the remainder undecided).  This poll occurred after a positive vote desiring sports betting and having the associated sports betting bill signed into law by Gov. Christie.  So more gambling is OK, but not just "any" gambling.

With regard to sports betting, the almost opposite result showed in the poll.  The recent results showed that 60% wanted legal sports betting with just 26% opposed and 14% undecided.  Sports betting (but not online - at physical locations) is what New Jersey residents want.  Since sports betting is happening in large measure anyway, but illegally and not regulated and taxed, legalization helps bring this already existing gambling into the open and also will help generate tax revenue for the state.  A true win-win.

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